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Snow Removal

Freshly fallen snow...lovely to look at, but not so much fun to shovel. Our Snow Removal service is a necessity that is reliable, quick and provides safety to your tenants and employees at a reasonable cost to your budget.

Again, each property has individual needs, and those needs will be addressed, so that we may provide the best possible service to you.

The services we can provide you with include the following:

  • Plowing of driveways, parking lots, through ways, walkways, and sidewalks for any condominiums, apartments, churches, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Salting: We salt all of the above mentioned areas and any other areas where safety is a concern. Organic or any other salt alternatives are available upon request.
  • A front loader is available to remove or relocate large amounts of snow from inconvenient places.


Rest assured, Homeworks has an experienced and personable team, we use the latest equipment to take care of your property properly. We are fully insured for up to $5,000,000 and covered under W.S.I.B. Any paperwork or references will be provided upon request.