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Lawn Care

While your grass may be trimmed to perfection, seasonal and occasional damage may ruin the health of your lawn. Lack or over abundance of water, perhaps pets, foot traffic, insects, chemicals, or construction - all have an effect on the beauty of your property.

We offer many options to help remedy your landscape issues. The particular needs of the property will be discussed and the best possible solution will be found to rectify the problem.

Here is a list of some of the services we offer to keep your landscape healthy:

  • Seeding/Sodding of new or barren areas.
  • Fertilizing to help promote strong roots and green grass.
  • Organic Weed Control.
  • De-Thatching of thick and thatch filled lawns.
  • Aerations to help deduce compaction
  • Organic insect control


Please discuss with us any ideas or issues unique to your property that may not be listed.